Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Gangster Driver SHC8492A Whitesands Mall

On 27/12/2011, Ms Azira informed the following:
Is about a Comfort Blue Taxi who simply don't deserve to have neither a Taxi License nor a Driving License. As me and my fiancee is a staff of a well known Driving Centre in Singapore we sure know our road rules VERY well. Furthermore, my fiancee is a qualified license driving school instructor.

We exit Whitesands and was stopped at the slop up for about 3 to 5 minutes as cars exiting the mall are being obstructed by the issue I brought up of cars parked and stopped to alight the NSF candidates.

After exiting the mall, as its a one way road, we turn left to exit to the main road. We pass by a bend, which is connected to a small loading and unloading delivery bay. The delivery bay have a STOP line at the exit. But taxi SHC 8482 A came DASHING out speeding in, without STOPPING, checking or having his signal light on. There's a silver car on the left lane and our car is on the right lane and
as it's a bend a lorry is closely right behind me on the right. The taxi nearly knocked my car. My fiancee have to jam break the car as the taxi nearly caused an accident. I am relief that i have a professional driver with me, try imagine having my new driver friend with me and having me at the passenger sit. I'll be crushed with injuries right now!
BUT, being that way he still force his taxi in our way.

I was sitting at the passenger sit and with anger i wind down the window to scold him and asked him to stop. He die-die tried to squeeze in as u can see in my attached Picture 6.The picture was taken from the Passenger sit and you can see that the taxi is in the middle of the road in between my car and the silver car on the lef

After seeing me scolding him (taxi Driver) he stopped, the lorry behind us gave way for us to go forward, not giving any space for the taxi to go in and the lorry when through after us.

Soon after exiting, the taxi speed up and CATCH UP at a lane next to us and stopped at a traffic light. As we are reaching the traffic light for a stop, LESS THEN 0.5 METERS THE TAXI SWERVE AND CHANGED LANE AND CAME IN TO OUR LANE AT A VERY LAST MINUTE!!!!!!! AND YET again we have to sudden break as there's cars behind us. Picture 7 the cab is in-front of us.

I regret to say that this taxi driver surely need to re-sit for his driving test to learn over the RULES AND REGULATIONS on road to make him recognize the road markings and road signs provided. Not just having Taxi Refresher course that is simply sit and listen but to have a theory test at the end of each course to make sure that Taxi Driver remember the Dos and don'ts on the road so taxi drivers won't be a hazard to other drivers.

This is not the first time me and my fiancee have issues with taxi drivers but this is to the extend that i totally need to bring this up to all of your attention.

To Comfort Taxi, to me this taxi driver totally brings SHAME towards the logo of his cab. Comfort Delgro is the biggest transportation provider here in Singapore and provides superb service but having a taxi driver with no driving knowledge?? How did he become a taxi driver at the first place??

This is yet another example of taxi drivers who behave as though they own the roads. Nonchalant and careless attitude towards other road users seem to be the norm. You should consider lodging a complaint through LTA's feedback website as our collective experience shows that this is the most efficient way of ensuring corrective action is taken.

Monday, 12 December 2011

Couldn't Be Bothered Driver SHC7457J Woodlands

Mr Firdaus informs the following on 10/12/2011:
On the 3rd of Dec 2011, at about 3.25pm, me and my wife with our daughter were heading to woodland community club for wedding invitation. It was drizzling when we are at blk 687 choa chu kang drive. Therefore, due to the concern of my 3 month old daughter, we decided to take a cab. furthermore, we are running late.
The taxi number SHC 7457J came by and took us there. The driver seems to be purposely delaying the journey. He is travelling at 55km/h and apply jam braked on amber at sungai kadut. Its like being purposed without considering a baby passenger behind. He also act like as if the taxi doesnt have gps. When i took out my iphone, he seems to be having a guilty look when i highlighted to him that he should go nearer way instead of long and jam road.

He also share his dirty experience by picking up prostitute  to get free sex by sending them home free of charge. He do it in the taxi.

Upon reaching the location, he used his hp without earpiece. Causing his taxi more to the right of his lane. Before making u-turn, he sms while driving. Me and my wife just couldnt say anything. As if like he is my customer.

For travelling from yew tee to woodlands... I had to pay $10.40.

When i told him that i will report what he did during the journey, he stare at me unhappily and scolded me in hokkien.

As a taxi driver, this is not a polite service and it shows how bad a singaporean taxi drivers are.

Please advice me, how do i make a complaint against him?

This seems very straightforward. You need to protect others from suffering the same fate by lodging a complaint with LTA through their online feedback form immediately. This type of ruffians are best removed completely from our roads. What despicable behaviour - but sadly unsurprising.

Friday, 25 November 2011

Reader Opinion: Taxi Drivers Involved in 14% of Accidents

On 25/11/2011, mightymo informs the following:

"From online and other data sources I discovered that Singapore Taxi’s account for 3% of total vehicle population but shockingly Singapore Taxi Drivers are involved in 14% of all reported road accidents. According to online portal AsiaOne Motoring, Taxis are involved in approximately 60 accidents a day (source: AsiaOne)!

Do drivers of service vehicles in Singapore, carelessly go about on public roads getting involved in accidents knowing full well that their daily earnings will be taken care of, in the event that they be involved in an accident. This is unacceptable and irresponsible behaviour by public and service transport providers.

I am concerned because there is also statistical data revealing that there has been an increase in elderly pedestrian fatalities. Additionally, I have come across more and more motorist (motorcyclists included) who are mounting cameras as a safe guard, in their vehicles. Is this what road behaviour has come to in Singapore.

The question is; before the advent of lane markings, traffic lights and technical regulatory devices in place would a taxi driver behaved such? The answer is that most would have slowed down because there is an intersection and the taxi driver would have slow down his earnings would be severely affected should he not be operational.

It seems that a significant proportion of Singapore Taxi Drivers appear only bright enough to be governed by lights, rules and regulations, as the majority lack good common sense and care! Why is it that drivers of these vehicles do not realize that the signals, speed limits, signs and lines on our roads can only act to help bring about safer road use, the devices themselves do not bring about road safety! There is a second part to this equation and this rests with the intellect of the individual.

I have a suggestion to make that will see one influential group of drivers change their driving habits and improve Singapore safety statistics immediately. This should be directed at Taxi Drivers and Operators for a start.

Public service vehicle insurance policies should be amended to exclude any claims that will cover Rental Cost and Income Losses for hirers involved in traffic accidents. Taxi Drivers, who are hirers cannot possibly be treated as clients renting a vehicle for personal use with an option to recover costs of use.

On last check Taxi Drivers are registered as being Self Employed are they not? Does this mean that a taxi driver can go on a paid holiday when his vehicle is laid up for accident repairs and are current policies funding such? It appears obvious that this policy change will immediately see road behavior improve and accident rates decrease with this influential group of road users.

Consequently we should also see the number of insurance claims reduce (inflated or not) alongside an improved taxi service, with fuller fleet representation."

If only we could change the system in such a way! But the authorities are none too bothered because only the (powerless) middle-class use this mode of transport. Ministers, MPs, CEOs and chairmen of regulatory bodies almost never have to experience a taxi ride.

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Gangster Driver 8704 Marine Terrace

Mr Edwin Ng informs the following on 28/10/2011:
Comfort Transportation Pte Ltd
CityCab Pte Ltd
383 Sin Ming Drive
Singapore 575717
Tel: 6555 1188
Fax: 6452 7742

Dear Sir/Madam

I am writing to inform you of an incident which with one of your taxis nearly hit me and a companion at a zebra crossing. (attached is a police report).

At approximately 2315hrs on 26 Oct 2011 I was crossing the zebra crossing opposite Blk 12 Marine Terrace.  I spotted the blue comfort taxi at about 10m away heading towards Marine Crescent. Assuming he would slow down. I proceeded to cross the zebra crossing.

When I was nearly at the middle of the crossing, the taxi sped up and missed me by approximately 30cm. It was so close and sudden that I dropped my belongings.  I was totally taken aback by what happened.

The taxi driver braked abruptly after the zebra crossing and proceeded to make an illegal u-turn about 10meters ahead with tyres screeching suggesting urgency.
I had a sense of comfort thinking that the driver might have realized what he had done and had turned back to check on me and to render assistance. That was however not the case.

The driver drove up to the zebra crossing, stopping on it and wound down his window and started shouting at me.  I could not hear him clearly as I was more than half way across the road. I walked closer to the taxi and he started accusing me of being a gangster.  He only sped off when my companion took out his camera. I remembered his license plate as 8704.

The poor behaviour of this driver have made me very upset and disappointed. I was not expecting this kind of behaviour from our country’s leading Taxi Company. It would have been bad if it was a private car but to come from a service provider is totally absurd and atrocious.

Taxi drivers need to know that the roads are getting busier and not treat it like a race track where they can speed around and disregard the safety of pedestrians.
Failure to give way to pedestrians at designated crossing is serious and should not be taken lightly as lives can be lost.

I am writing to you to please make a thorough investigation and to identify the driver.

I look forward to hearing from you shortly.

Edwin Ng

The cab company is likely to brush this off with an insincere token reprimand that is hardly going to affect the hooligan driver. We highly recommend lodging a report with LTA instead through their online feedback form so that something more long-term can be done. It's obviously a matter of time before this moron kills someone.

Friday, 28 October 2011

Red Light Maniac Driver SH5238Y Toa Payoh

Mr Brandon Chan informs the following on 26/10/2011:

This taxi driver failed to conform to traffic red light signal. Pedestrians were almost halfway through the walkway (Green pedestrian light), when the cab, drove right through us.

In addition, he was spotted using a mobile phone on his left hand while he beat the red light. It was a very dangerous act by the driver. Compromised our (pedestrian's safety) for his interests. Not to mention liable for 12 demerit points for breaking the law. Very dangerous driver. Ought to be removed from the roads.

Date: October 26, 2011

Time : 9.55 pm

Location : Along Lorong 8, Toa Payoh. Traffic light at lorong 8 market.

Yellow Top Taxi : SH 5238 Y

Male driver

PS. Is it possible to lodge a complaint with Traffic Police. Thanks in advance.

Yes, most definitely you should contact the Traffic Police and inform them of this incident. They might be able to prosecute this reckless driver based on your testimony. The only thing is that you must be prepared to give your statement and attend court to provide your testimony to a judge. But if the TP turn you down or you are not willing to attend court, then you should at least inform LTA through their online feedback form so that some level of action will be taken instead of this hooligan getting away scot-free.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Injury-Causing Driver

Mr Mark informs the following on 04/10/2011:
I just boarded a Yellow Top taxi (I think it’s the Toyota wish). When I alight took my things from the back of the car he rush to close the back door and hit my right shoulder so bad the door vibrates. These buggers drive like soo ka soo ka and yet when comes to general manners also don’t have. Let passengers take the things when all clear then close lah.
Didn’t even say sorry and yet trying to say I hit it. He lowered the stupid door before I move out completely, luckily never hit my head if not sure place him on civil suit.
Just because the injury is not serious does not mean you should let it go.If you have the licence plate number, please lodge a report with LTA. If not, always remember to take note of the licence plate number when you board a taxi so that you can trace him if he tried to be funny. Taxi drivers bank on the fact that passengers will not be alert or motivated enough to take these clowns to task. Let us take back the power!

Rude and Reckless Driver SH5928R Clifford Pier

Mr Mike informs the following on 29/09/2011:

Got into a cab this morning at the Taxi waiting queue in front of the Fairmont Hotel. Told him "please take me to Ocean Financial Centre". He asks in a rude tone "Where is it??", I told him, its the old Ocean Building which has been rebuilt and near the Hitachi Tower Taxi stand. He then races to the destination and brakes hard at lights. When we come to the traffic lights at Raffles MRT stop, I leaned forward, pointed to the new building and said that that's the OFC. Lights turn green and he races to stop at Hitachi Tower and not the destination. Fare SGD5.95. I gave him SGD10 and he returns me SGD4. I say thanks and alight and he races off. Most rude taxi driver I have met in my life. I think the number plate was SH5928R.

We urge you to lodge a report with LTA through their online feedback form so that this driver will be notified and warned appropriately. Leaving it as 'one of those things' will just embolden such drivers that they can always get away with such horrendous behaviour.

'Dangerous Face' SHD9115

Mr Hui informs the following on 24/09/2011:

Dear Minister Lui,

This taxi incident is a small but dangerous indication of how bad some of the taxi drivers and taxi companies have become. Please spare 5 mins of your busy schedule to read this case.

1. On the morning of 23 Sep 2011, at around 6:30 am, I was trying to call for a Comfort Cab for my younger daughter. As I was still not able to get a cab, my elder daughter (not sure why she picked this company?) called Transcab to try. We finally got our comfirmation from Comfort. My elder daughter stopped calling Transcab as there was no confirmation.

2. Meanwhile I left home to drive my elder girl to the airport.

3. At about 6.45am (based on the account provided by my younger daughter), a Transcab taxi SHD9115 appeared in front of my house. He first horned. When my daughter opened our gate, she realised this was not the Comfort Cab that I had comfirmed for her. She told the driver that this could have been a mistake. The driver insisted that she must take his taxi. He came out of the taxi and shouted at my daughter. He kept insisting. He was angry and he refused to leave, standing outside of my house. He came across in a threatening manner. My daughter had no choice but to close the gate. He is identified to be quite a young man wearing spectacles.

4. When my daughter related the incident to me via sms, I found it totally unacceptable in a civil society like Singapore. Why would this driver by so insistent, loud, angry and threatening - bullying a young girl? All he needs to do is to call back his taxi company to affirm whether there was a confirmed booking.

5. I called Transcab general line 65553333 at about 7:40am to confirm that it is their company's taxi and to request for their Customer Service Manager to call me.

6. No return call received. By 8:53am, I called the other office number 62876666 and still could not get to speak to the CS manager. Only by 10:27am when I called again, I was able to reach a MIss Cherly (?) who took down my complaint dliligently. I called back at about 11.45am to request that this is a serious matter which I would like the company's General Manager to investigate quickly and request for an acknowledgement call from the GM.

7. As there was no return call, I managed to obtain the GM number at 66031250. Nobody answered and the voice mail belongs to a MIss Jasmine (supposedly the GM). Throughout the day, I left several polite messages for her to return call but to no avail. Only at about 4:30pm, I had a missed clal from a number 66031270. I called back and realised that this is the GM's assistant. But once again I asked to speak to the GM and she did not returned call.

8. This morning I left a message on Miss Jasmine's number again and I have not received any attempt to assist me in this matter.

9. I wonder what kind of taxi drivers do we licensed on the road? And what kind of taxi companies are being permitted to operate in Singapore? We are rude, unkind, shout and threaten even to our own Singaporeans? Or do we only want to be polite to non-Singaporens?

10. The irony is, on Thur 22 Sep 2011, I was hosted lunch by the Global CEO of a US multi-national and his comment was : "Most things worked well in Singapore, EXCEPT your taxis!" I was pretty embarassed to be in that company of top management executives from different parts of the world. I have personally travelled to many global cities - New York, London, HongKong, Seoul, and I have yet to encountered rude or poor taxi service. Unfotunately this has to start in my homeground.

Dear Minister, this is a major time-bomb (based on the reported incidents on the net, blogs and actual cases experienced by many of my foreign partners who have trouble with our system) and we need a quick fix. Thank you for your time.

Dear Mr Chew - LTA, I have logged the complaint at LTA hotline yeaterday at about 10:47am Please advise what is LTA follow-up action and when can I know the outcome. And also please share with the public how taxi companies with poor service records are being handled in their renewal of license. I attached a recent case report in Shin Min Daily News of a woman being charged $700 by a Transcab Taxi ( http://forums.vr-zone.com/chit-chatting/1669269-woman-charged-s-700-taxi-ride.html).

Dear Mr Han - ST, you may want to get one of your reporters to follow up on my case if this is of public interest.

Dear Miss Jasmine - Transcab, I have tried very hard to contact you about this case, but you have chosen not to respond. If you were the General Manger of this company and if you care about customer's feedback and the lack of disciplne of your taxi drivers, you would have taken this matter more seriously. I am concerned about the safty of my daughter when a stranger behaved this manner in front of my house. Your driver of SHD9115 is a "dangerous" face of your company.

Dear Mr Teo Khiang Ang - MD of Transcab and Union Energy , I request that you - as the major owner & MD of Transcab and the public face in the media - please try and do a better job on the services. Attempts to call you yesterday was futile. So please spare us all the media publicity about Union Energy and Transcab when you are not able to provide good service or show care for your customers.

Dear Miss Teo Lee Fong, please add this story to your collection of the ugly Singapore Taxi drivers. Thanks for maintaining such a site.

Thank you all for your time.

Thank you for taking the time to pen this and do keep us posted on the outcome.

Zig-Zag Driver SHB844B Havelock Road

Kenneth Koh informs the following on 17/09/2011:
Date = 17th Sept 2011
Time = 2:19 p.m.
Chrysler cab license plate: SHB844B
Location = Near traffic junction of Havelock Road and Clemenceau Ave.

Contacted SMRT Taxis Pte Ltd, at tel: 6555 8888 to lodge a complain at 5:50p.m today.

Description: I am traveling along Havelock Road and a black Chrysler cab suddenly cut into my lane 2 times without signaling.

I stopped at the junction and I winded down my left side window and question him why he didn't signal and almost cause an accident as I need to jam my brake. He didn't say why and I told him I will definitely complained against him for his reckless driving. He started yelling at me and thus I just winded up the window, ignored him and drove off.

As my car have a video recorder, please view the following link for the captured video of this reckless taxi driver.

LTA and SMRT should take serious action against such reckless and rude taxi driver. Driving a BIG Chrysler taxi does not make him the king of the road without signalling.

Now I am waiting for a reply from SMRT and LTA.

Thanks for capturing the episode on video! That makes everything so clear-cut, doesn't it. We encourage all drivers to do the same so that the authorities can act swiftly and without doubt. We encourage you to lodge a complaint with LTA through their online feedback form if the cab company has not responded. In the meanwhile, keep us posted.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Thug Taxi Driver SHD5222C Novena Road

Landwarrior informs the following on 23 August 2011:

On the 23 August 2011 at 7.15am, I was driving my daughter in our van along Novena Road towards the direction of the city.

As we passed the cross junction with Balestier Road on the left and Thomson Hospital on the right, red Toyota Wish SHD 5222C squeezed himself from the left corner of the merging lane into my path. As I was ahead of him and saw him coming too near me from the corner of my eyes, I honked him.

Driver of SHD 5222C then speeded up and overtook me from the left and proceeded to give me the middle finger. He then glared at me from his rear view mirror.

I was quite shocked. I had honked him to warn him that he was too close and that he had blundered into my lane and while clearly his fault, he then gave me the rude gesture.

Not happy with this, he then sped off and later up the road, purposely cut into my lane once again from the left. After this, he zoomed off and cut lanes before picking up a fare at United Square. As I passed him, his window was down and he was smoking. He looked a typical gangster and frankly, I fear gangsters especially when I have a child with me.

This is not the first time I have encountered bad manners from a Red Transcab taxi.

You are probably sick and tired of hearing of bad drivers under your company and you probably wouldnt even take any action. But dont you think its sad that a few hooligans are spoiling your companys image? Why bother even starting a company this way? Dont you filter out potential drivers? Dont you care about your company?

Dont bother getting a PR Company to right your company's image till you weed out these gangsters masquerading as taxi drivers.

We can sense your frustration and the feeling of hopelessness. All we can say is that the cab companies make the money whether they deal with the complaints adequately or not. Hence, there is no motivation for them to make things better. The best option has always been to take the matter up with the regulatory body itself - the LTA - so that they can take the appropriate action or apply the pressure necessary to spur the cab companies into corrective action. We strongly encourage you to lodge a complaint with LTA through their online feedback form for real action (as opposed to lip service and insincere undertaking) to take place. It is very easy to fill out and much more reliable than calling/emailing the cab companies. Good luck and do keep us posted on the developments!

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Foul Mouthed Driver SHB786K Angulia Park

Clive Coombes informs the following on 01/08/2011:
I have just seen your excellent web site on taxi drivers in Singapore and offer the following as an example of behaviour I have experienced today; the worst I have seen in 2 years living here. Here is the text of my note to SMRT.

I wish to lodge a formal complaint regarding the behaviour of the driver of SMRT taxi registered SHB 786K. His foul mouthed tirade to me after being informed of his awful driving and complete lack of consideration for road users is indicative of a complete lack of courtesy and awareness of the standards required of a representative of your company.

Specifically, on 1 Aug at 1315 hrs, your driver turned off Orchard Road onto Angulia Park Road beside Wheelock Place . After having made the turn, he proceeded approximately 100 meters and simply stopped in the middle of the road and allowed passengers to disembark. This meant that a number of vehicles also attempting to turn off Orchard into Angulia were unable to move. Your driver had, quite simply, blocked the road. Having waited for some time, and with other cars in a dangerous position, stationary on Orchard Road, I alighted from my own car (I was chauffeur driven and therefore did not leave my vehicle unattended) and walked to the rear of your driver’s vehicle and rapped loudly on the rear window of his cab, telling him forcefully of his inconsiderate, stupid and very dangerous actions. He finally moved his cab, him having been waiting – blocking the road throughout – and joined the taxi rank at Wheelock Place .

I returned to my own car and as I passed his vehicle he shouted from his cab “F*** You, F*** You”. I immediately noted his number and the time and this complaint is the result.

I inform you of this incident as I am disgusted by the behaviour of this person. His driving and actions were dangerous and inconsiderate. His foul mouthed tirade is unbecoming. He deserves – and needs – disciplinary action taking against him and I would be grateful if you could inform me of what action is taken.

Hope this is of some use. Many thanks and best wishes.
Just because they are providing a service, these people often believe that they are justified in doing the stupidest of things. There are better ways of managing the situation and a simple apology for holding up the whole road would have been a more appropriate response that mitigates his stupid and inconsiderate behaviour. However, as astonishing as it is, the typical behaviour is to get angry with those who have been inconvenienced in the first place! As ever, we advise against approaching the cab companies and proceeding with a feedback comment to LTA through their online feedback form for a more concrete outcome.These types of drivers are banking on our kindness that we won't take them to task - and using it as our weakness.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Impatient Woman Taxi Driver SHC4917 Kim Seng Road

J, M & Kona the Puppy inform the following on 05/07/2011:
I recently witnessed the above taxi driver, mentioning that it was a woman taxi driver, which is fairly rare I must add. Impatiently moving on a zebra crossing whilst people were walking across on Kim Seng / River Valley corner.
My wife was ahead of me and walking our puppy. Our hands were full with groceries and the puppy on a leash, when all my wife could do was toknock on the window (Hard) to notify this rude mannered taxi driver to be more courteous of the pedestrians. The driver continued on in a mass rush to make it to the bus stop to pick up any bus to taxi converters.

Shame on you lady and I hope karma will bite you in the ass!
This seems like the typical behaviour we witness in taxi drivers, who wouldn't think twice of running over any living thing just so that they can pick up a passenger. Well, your observation seems to show that the (low) standard of these drivers is regardless of their gender!

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Rogue Driver SHD352T Holland Road

Ms Sarita Tan informs the following on 14/05/2011:
I hailed a Trans Cab taxi at Holland road for a short ride to Minden road. I had my maid and my baby along with me. I hailed a trans cab taxi, I sat inside the taxi after my maid and my baby. After I closed the door, the driver asked me my destination. After I told him I wanted to go to minden road, he asked me where is it. I told him its very close and I will tell him when to take a right turn. He rudely told me to get off the taxi as he was going straight. I told him he should have told me that before we sat down and since it’s a very small right turn off the main road, I don’t want to get off.
He says “ you think you are a star, I will take you to police station”. By now he was shouting and angry and had started the taxi. I had no choice and I said ok lets go to police station. Then he says “ you are acting funny, I will take you to cemetry”. Now I was scared, I panicked and called 999 and complained that I have no idea why and where this taxi driver is taking me so please tell me what to do. The lady on the line took down the taxi no. twice and after I got down from the taxi suggested that I go to the nearest police station. I was in the middle of a road with a baby and another kid waiting to be picked up. The suggestion was good but I wish I had got that before I got down from the taxi. I had to walk 10 minutes to pick up my kid.
Of course in hindsight it would have been easier to just get down the taxi and take another one. But what is more important is to know whether it was right for the taxi driver to stop the taxi and let me sit down if he was willing to go only straight. And if he had that big a constraint and for some reason he had waited till we all had sat down and closed the door, could he have told me to get off the taxi less rudely, if expecting a apology or a smile was too much to expect. Or was it too much of a pain for him to take a short detour to take his passengers esp with a baby instead of shouting and threatening to take to police station and then to cemetery. And then drop me off in the middle of a main road.
How safe was it for him to drive in such a angry state of mind? Should I have just sat in the taxi and gone to police station with him? Why was he willing to take a detour to police station and waste my time and his time, but not a 1 minute detour? What made him so unhappy to take a passenger to the destination after making them sit down? He had the option of not stopping the taxi, or putting up shift change / on call sign. Do the drivers need some training on how to refuse a passenger or how to be communicate clearly and in time without causing inconvenience / insulting another human being.
You should have just called his bluff to 'drive to the cemetery'. Such a lazy driver would not have dared to actually do that - which is obvious from how he changed tact the moment you said alright to driving to the Police Station. As horrendous taxi drivers are a 'normal occurrence', the Police don't really take it too seriously as a matter of law & order. But we strongly encourage you not to let the matter rest as this driver is the type of terror driver that would probably leave someone dying on the road if he were to knock them down. Please lodge a report with LTA through their online feedback form which takes no more than 5 minutes to fill out. LTA has no choice but to take action against such drivers and when there are multiple complaints against a driver, they will be justified in removing the driver from our roads.

Most of these terror drivers are the way they are because they get away without repercussions time and time again because of passengers who are not well-informed or who are too busy to follow-up. Imagine if a rogue taxi driver only gets reported once every 10 incidents. The first time will be a warning, the second a warning again, and the third will be when he actually gets terminated. That means a total of 30 instances of terrorising the passenger before he is actually removed from the roads. And the best part, he will be able to join a second cab company after his first termination. That's a total of 60 instances! If all of us immediately report our experiences to LTA (and not the cab companies), this number can become as little as 5.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Unhelpful Driver SHD3035

Mr Winston informs the following on 18/04/2011:
I like to share with your readers my experience with Comfort Taxi SHD 3035 this morning (18 Apr 11 @ 0730hrs).

I have booked a taxi via Comfort Cablink to the airport for my mother and sister. They have 2 luggages with her. So, the taxi arrived and he opened the car boot. I took my mum luggage to the rear of the taxi, left it there then proceed back to pick up the second luggage. When I'm back with the second luggage, there he was, standing beside the luggages and grunting very rudely "You can't help with the lugagge??? I'm a driver!! I don't carry luggages! I can hurt my hand!!! Can you pick up your luggages??"

I do not expect the driver to help with my mum luggages althought that is a plus point. However, the grunting is uncalled for. I hate to think, the first person a tourist met when he step out of Changi Airport is this particular taxi driver.
Please consider lodging a feedback comment to LTA through their online feedback form as this will elicit the best follow-up from the cab companies. As unfortunate as it sounds, many readers - myself included - are not surprised by this behaviour. In fact, we would be shocked if the driver had been helpful and courteous!

Monday, 9 May 2011

Atrocious Behaviour After Accident SHC8107M

Ms Annie Leo reports the following on 11/01/2011:
Comfort Case Ref 2011/03/3885
Taxi SHC8107M
Driver : NG Juan Khin
Met with taxi accident, I ended up with head and spine injuries etc. Driver Ng Juna Khin was not concerned about my condition after the accident, he cared only for his own car damages. Since day of accident, he had not called me to follow up on this case. For 2 months, I had to suffer and coping with my recovery. When I feel slightly better now, and raised the case to Comfort (with pictures of my injuries, attached), the responses:
From Customer Service (Jean Ho)
Quote [We have conducted an investigation and have issued a warning to the driver for the alleged incident. He has also been reminded to adhere strictly to the service standards as set out by the company. The complaint has been included in his service record and we will monitor his performance closely.]

From other employee (Doris Lim Puay Noi)
Quote [Our driver has reported the accident]
Quote [Please do not construe these requirements as an admission of liability on the part of our insurer]
We are talking about passenger's safety and well-being. Is this not taken too lightly? We are talking about Comfort, who owns the biggest fleet of taxi in Singapore! And I, remained their regular who book taxi weekly before or after these incidents!
I have attached a picture of the driver, who had stayed out of car to discuss his claims for half an hour, until I had to insist for an ambulance. My injury was visually seen, with a hematoma like 10 inches big! And, the driver has never called me to check on my condition, not even on day of accident. And, I believe I was in a LIMO cab!
I really think that such irresponsible and selfish drivers should be not on the roads! And, Comfort Taxi made me feel like my life was worth less than an ant!
It is truly unfortunate that the cab companies do not care enough about passenger well-being. The focus seems to be to earn our money and keep their costs to the absolute minimum. This is the reason why I started the website dedicated to shaming these atrocious elements of society.

Rude Driver SHB5174 Club Street

Ms Sze-Hui Goh informs the following on 14/03/2011:
I am writing in to highlight this particular rude taxi driver who is supposedly providing a "premium" service by driving one of SMRT's black Chrsyler Cab number SHB 5174 (my husband cannot remember the prefix at the end).

This incident happened on last Thursday, 10 March 2011 at about 8.45pm along Club Street right in front of a wine bar called W Bar. My husband met a couple of his friends after work for a drink before coming home for dinner with me, and was already running late as he was supposed to be home before 9 pm for dinner. This cab pulled up along Club Street whilst my husband was waiting for a cab, and several passengers got out of the cab. My husband then got in after the passengers alighted and politely asked the cab driver to take him to Stevens Road where we stayed. The cab driver gave an emphatic, "no". My husband was a bit taken aback as he has never encountered this in the 17 years he's lived in Singapore, and asked the driver, why not? Your light is on, so doesn't that mean that you are taking passengers? The cab driver rudely said no again. This time, my husband said, look, Stevens Road is just round the corner and not far, so why can't you take me there? You're obliged to take me, you are not supposed to say no if your light is turned on.

The cab driver then said, you are drunk so get out of my taxi or I will call the police. My husband said fine, I am not drunk and go ahead and call the police. I will wait here for them. The cab driver then got out of the cab, locked the doors of his taxi and then proceeded to call the police. My husband was furious by this time as he has never faced this kind of attitude in Singapore. He had to grab his computer bag and climbed from the back of the taxi to the driver seat in order to let himself out of the cab. He then stood by the cab and shouted at the driver - what do you think you are doing, locking me in a cab? Go ahead and call the police, I will wait here for them to arrive. The cab driver panicked, hopped into the cab and sped off.

I am Singaporean and having lived here all my life, I have never encountered behaviour like this. If I was the one wrongfully confined in the cab, I would have been so mad there's no telling what I would have done then. I emphasise that my husband was NOT drunk - he's had a few drinks but he does not get drunk so easily within the hour or so spent at the wine bar, especially since he was coming home for dinner. He also called me at 8.52pm right after the incident to tell me what happened to him and why he was late.

In any event, I am minded to make a police report as well as to write to SMRT to take action against this cab driver. This is a case of wrongful confinement which is an offence under the Penal Code. I would be grateful if you or anyone else could advise what sort of action we should take against this cab driver.

More importantly, this also serves as a warning to everyone of this cab driver. Thank you.
Do not bother with the cab company as they will just try to spin this as a dispute or disagreement. Go straight to the Police or lodge a report with LTA through their online feedback form. We agree that this could be a criminal offence and the driver needs to answer for his actions or explain himself.

Confrontational Driver SHC9658M HDB Hub

Ms Elvin Chong informs the following on 24/02/2011:
This happen on yesterday 23/02/11 (12.45pm to 1.15pm), my husband and I are on the way to HDB Hub, at the traffice junction my husband was at the lane to turn right, on our left side this Trans Cab SHC9658M last min signal and without waiting just turn in. My husband has to emergency brake & horn at him, luckly the car behind us is not too close to us. My husband get down to clarify with him, he raise his voice said he has the right. Without waiting my husband walk away he just drive away and there are passenger in his taxi.

My husband patience was being challenged, he follow his taxi. He drive into the HDB Hub drop the passenger down, my husband overtake his taxi and park infront of him and claify with him again. Just as my husband get down, the taxi driver get down too. Before my husband open his mouth to talk, the taxi driver use his middle finger point at my husband, foul language scold my husband. My husband ask him to wait here for the policeman, he raise his vocie again and said go ahead I dont scare, call and get the policeman look for me.

While my husband trying to made a call to policeman, his try to block the taxi driver way. But to me surprise the taxi driver drive his taxi trying to knock my husband, luckly my husband move backward. My husband patience was being challenged again, he raise his voice to the taxi driver to get down but the taxi driver never. The taxi was blocking others, my husband has no choice to let him go.

Immediate, I make a call (6555333 - Trans Cab) to complaint at the taxi, they get me to call another number (65556666). But I have been calling for about 1 hr from the incident nobody pick up the call. Send a e-mail using my Ipad to their feedback mail a error. Is there anybody working?? Is the feedback mail is exist??

To be a taxi driver, the requirement as per below. Why there is such kind of taxi driver exist? Is it the taxi driver know that when we made a complaint to their office is useless so they dont afraid?
  • Prerequisites: Singaporean & above 30 yrs old
  • Holding Class 3 license for at least 1 yr
  • Able to Speak & Read simple English
  • (Bring along your highest qualification cert, if any)
This seems like an engineered design to tire the complainant out - if it takes too long, many people will just give up and not complain. As usual, we find many instances which show that the cab companies couldn't be the least bothered to improve the industry practices/behaviour but are only interested in taking our money through the idiot drivers they hire. This is clearly a case of intimidation and attempted vehicular assault so you can lodge a Police report and forward it to LTA through their online feedback form. Good luck with chasing this taxi-driver-from-hell down and we hope you do not give up until you achieve justice.

Errant Driver SHD3260E Hougang

Ms Charlene Chen informs the following on 17/02/2011:
I am writing in with reference to my dreadful experience with errant comfort taxi driver Mr Neo Hock Huat of plate number SHD3260E, 16 Fec 2011, 2141hrs. My friend and I flagged a cab outside NUS. We told him that we are heading two places, Hougang Ave 5 first then Ave 9. We asked him which destination is more convenient and faster. As I frequently take cab from NUS and back home and would think that going AVE 9 then proceed to AVE 5 would be more appropriated however he replied that the time taken for either route are approximating the same, presuming he know the best way, we went go ahead going to Ave 5 first.

He took the farrer road then CTE and here's our dreadful experience begins. Upon reaching Braddell Road (Comfort Delgro), he did not turn exit out to enter CTE. Instead he went straight to Braddell underpass -> Bartley Road -> Upper Serangoon Road. We confronted him asking why he did not take the CTE and exit Ang Mo Kio Ave 3. His answer was this way faster. However this is not the case, if you stay near the area you should know that the road is filled with traffic lights and minor jams. Reaching Serangoon MRT, he asked if want to go to AVE 9 first and he was about to turn to Yio Chu Kang Road and we stopped him. We told him to go AVE 5 if proceed in his way it be a big detour. Bypassing Kovan MRT, I told the taxi fare is a lot higher than the usual fare. He responds was we did not tell him which route to take and how to go.

Upon reaching our first destination AVE 5, Mr Neo Hock Huat wanted to use his detour tricks again. He wanted to go by Ave 8. I told him to U-TURN and take the AVE 4 route. Furious that he's detouring, I question of his errant act. His attitude was rude and kept mentioning that I did not instruct him which route to take. I was fumed with this answer. As a commuter, am I suppose to instruct taxi driver which is the best route to take? As an experience taxi driver, shouldn't they know on the routes better than us? I told him I will lodge a complaint for detouring and he can drive me to the police station as I'm reporting him as errant taxi driver. Upon hearing this, he stopped him meter and he responded by saying he will not charge me for the fare. I rejected him down and will still pay him the usual fare and still file a complaint on him. Mr Neo chided me telling me to go ahead with the complaint. The fare was $17.60 the fare could be higher if I have not stopped him from detouring. In the end, I paid him $14 - the usual taxi fare.

I urge the company to take disciplinary actions on Mr Neo to help the taxi industry weed out these errant drivers that have damaged the reputations of all taxi drivers.
The fact that he was willing to forego the fare when threatened with a complaint suggests he wilfully tried to take a longer route. It is rather amazing how these drivers do not have a basic sense of integrity or at least fairness in taking the route they know is best.

Uncivilised Driver Silver Cab 6091 Thomson Road

Mr Ophiucus Asclepius informs the following on 31/01/2011:
To everyone out there, if you happen to see a Toyota Crown Silver Cab with the licence plate number 6091, do not take the cab, unless you want to have the same bad experience as I had. His identity was neither displayed on the windscreen nor was there any terminal on the dashboard to display his identity.

It was on Sun 30 Jan 2011 at about 7.30 pm when my wife and I took the cab along Thomson road. We have explicitly told him the route we wished to take. There was no response whatsoever to the instructions that we gave him. Very often he would "act blur" and tended to take a longer route. Before every turn, we had to direct him back, otherwise he would stray somewhere else like a stray dog. At one point, he ignored my direction and drove on with a forceful acceleration. When I repeated my instruction to him, he suddenly hurled a lot of Hokkien vulgar words and demanded in Mandarin, "Why, you not happy, ar?"

It is sad that a World Class city like Singapore can have such uncivilised taxi drivers on the roads. I hope the authorities would take steps to remove these creatures before they do any greater damage to the country. They are a real disgrace to the country and should not even be allowed to stray into the frontline service industry.
The cab companies have no interest in making Singapore a better place - only in making money. Sadly, there are many of these drivers behave as though we have hijacked and forced them to drive us somewhere. The best course of action would be to lodge a complaint with the regulatory authority through their online feedback form.

Reckless Driving SHB8859 Yishun Ave 4

Mr Gary informs the following on 08/01/2011
I am writing in to lodge a complaint against a reckless taxi driver.
Taxi Registration: SHB8859. Cannot remember the last prefix, should be H or B.
Date and time of incident: 08 Jan 2011, 0140hrs
Location: Along Yishun Ave 4
Here is my report on the incident: I was driving along Yishun Ave 4 , a Blue Comfort Taxi suddenly serve into my lane without giving the intention by signaling .My car was almost bumper to bumper with him , I swerved to the right while sounding my horn to avoid his vehicle hitting mine. I almost hit the right side of the kerb. . Instead of going back to his lane after I sound my horn, the next moment without warning he jammed his brakes and I swerved to right to avoid a rear end collision resulting in my car skidding and almost hitting the center divider.
I followed him and he stop eventually. I was surprised that a passenger was in his car. I asked him why he was driving in such a reckless manner, the answer I got was "Not happy ah? Call police lo". I walk away at this point of time. It seems that your company has trouble conveying this view to your drivers.
I would wish to see appropriate actions taken against this driver by your company in the next few days, if not I regret to inform you of the following. I will report this case of of reckless or negligent driving I witness from representatives of your company, I will write to following parties.
1. CEO of Comfort Taxis
2. The Traffic Police
3. The Land Transport Authority
4. The office of the Minister of Transport
Regards, Gary
It is amazing how nonchalant these drivers are with their dangerous driving. In any other profession, such an attitude would be stamped out immediately but the cab companies turn a blind eye time and time again. We don't expect a different response than what is normally given and sincerely hope that you will pursue the matter with the higher authorities. However, if you do not, then we hope you will at least proceed directly with an LTA complaint using their online feedback form.

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