Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Gangster Driver SHC8492A Whitesands Mall

On 27/12/2011, Ms Azira informed the following:
Is about a Comfort Blue Taxi who simply don't deserve to have neither a Taxi License nor a Driving License. As me and my fiancee is a staff of a well known Driving Centre in Singapore we sure know our road rules VERY well. Furthermore, my fiancee is a qualified license driving school instructor.

We exit Whitesands and was stopped at the slop up for about 3 to 5 minutes as cars exiting the mall are being obstructed by the issue I brought up of cars parked and stopped to alight the NSF candidates.

After exiting the mall, as its a one way road, we turn left to exit to the main road. We pass by a bend, which is connected to a small loading and unloading delivery bay. The delivery bay have a STOP line at the exit. But taxi SHC 8482 A came DASHING out speeding in, without STOPPING, checking or having his signal light on. There's a silver car on the left lane and our car is on the right lane and
as it's a bend a lorry is closely right behind me on the right. The taxi nearly knocked my car. My fiancee have to jam break the car as the taxi nearly caused an accident. I am relief that i have a professional driver with me, try imagine having my new driver friend with me and having me at the passenger sit. I'll be crushed with injuries right now!
BUT, being that way he still force his taxi in our way.

I was sitting at the passenger sit and with anger i wind down the window to scold him and asked him to stop. He die-die tried to squeeze in as u can see in my attached Picture 6.The picture was taken from the Passenger sit and you can see that the taxi is in the middle of the road in between my car and the silver car on the lef

After seeing me scolding him (taxi Driver) he stopped, the lorry behind us gave way for us to go forward, not giving any space for the taxi to go in and the lorry when through after us.

Soon after exiting, the taxi speed up and CATCH UP at a lane next to us and stopped at a traffic light. As we are reaching the traffic light for a stop, LESS THEN 0.5 METERS THE TAXI SWERVE AND CHANGED LANE AND CAME IN TO OUR LANE AT A VERY LAST MINUTE!!!!!!! AND YET again we have to sudden break as there's cars behind us. Picture 7 the cab is in-front of us.

I regret to say that this taxi driver surely need to re-sit for his driving test to learn over the RULES AND REGULATIONS on road to make him recognize the road markings and road signs provided. Not just having Taxi Refresher course that is simply sit and listen but to have a theory test at the end of each course to make sure that Taxi Driver remember the Dos and don'ts on the road so taxi drivers won't be a hazard to other drivers.

This is not the first time me and my fiancee have issues with taxi drivers but this is to the extend that i totally need to bring this up to all of your attention.

To Comfort Taxi, to me this taxi driver totally brings SHAME towards the logo of his cab. Comfort Delgro is the biggest transportation provider here in Singapore and provides superb service but having a taxi driver with no driving knowledge?? How did he become a taxi driver at the first place??

This is yet another example of taxi drivers who behave as though they own the roads. Nonchalant and careless attitude towards other road users seem to be the norm. You should consider lodging a complaint through LTA's feedback website as our collective experience shows that this is the most efficient way of ensuring corrective action is taken.

Monday, 12 December 2011

Couldn't Be Bothered Driver SHC7457J Woodlands

Mr Firdaus informs the following on 10/12/2011:
On the 3rd of Dec 2011, at about 3.25pm, me and my wife with our daughter were heading to woodland community club for wedding invitation. It was drizzling when we are at blk 687 choa chu kang drive. Therefore, due to the concern of my 3 month old daughter, we decided to take a cab. furthermore, we are running late.
The taxi number SHC 7457J came by and took us there. The driver seems to be purposely delaying the journey. He is travelling at 55km/h and apply jam braked on amber at sungai kadut. Its like being purposed without considering a baby passenger behind. He also act like as if the taxi doesnt have gps. When i took out my iphone, he seems to be having a guilty look when i highlighted to him that he should go nearer way instead of long and jam road.

He also share his dirty experience by picking up prostitute  to get free sex by sending them home free of charge. He do it in the taxi.

Upon reaching the location, he used his hp without earpiece. Causing his taxi more to the right of his lane. Before making u-turn, he sms while driving. Me and my wife just couldnt say anything. As if like he is my customer.

For travelling from yew tee to woodlands... I had to pay $10.40.

When i told him that i will report what he did during the journey, he stare at me unhappily and scolded me in hokkien.

As a taxi driver, this is not a polite service and it shows how bad a singaporean taxi drivers are.

Please advice me, how do i make a complaint against him?

This seems very straightforward. You need to protect others from suffering the same fate by lodging a complaint with LTA through their online feedback form immediately. This type of ruffians are best removed completely from our roads. What despicable behaviour - but sadly unsurprising.