Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Driver Finds Trouble Over Nothing SHC2030P Bukit Batok

Ms Caroline informs the following on 17/01/2012:


I had a shouting match with this blue Comfort taxi driver.  I was in front of an empty parking lot, dropping my elderly parents, my sister and her 5 year old daughter to get their dinner.  I was about to drive off when this taxi, did a 3 point turn in front of my car and backing onto me.  I panicked and honked softly to remind him of my presence.  I couldn't reverse to avoid him  as my family was standing next and behind my car,

Then, he went forward, this time backing onto me at a faster speed and I blew my honk at him and he halted his vehicle.  My sister went to him asked him whether he could see my car that was just behind him.

He wounded down his window and said rudely that he wanted the Lot No. 17 behind me.  My sis told him he could have that lot and I was about to leave, I couldn't because he was blocking my way.  If I actually wanted to park that lot, I would have gotten an ugly fight with him.  My dad, who just came back from the hospital after stitching his wound from a chest operation, tried to reason with him and became breathless.  I figured I have to get out of the car at this stage as my dad is very sick (with Stage 4 lung cancer).  I asked him why must he drive in that manner and that I wasn't going to park at that Lot No. 17, so what was the impatience for?

I told him that he almost knocked onto me, he rose his voice and asked, "Did I knock on your car? Where? Where?" and this lasted for about 10 mins.  This kind of behavior is uncalled for.  Among those people watching was a man in a car waiting at the side, shaking his head and pointing at the unreasonable cabby, he saw the whole episode.  Too bad I did not ask him to be my witness and my dad was hurrying me to go and not to argue anymore with him (I didn't want to upset my dad) or else I would have gotten the police to be involve.

I want to add my story to the number of complaints about the ugly side of taxi drivers.  In actual fact, I believe this all lies down to SELFISHNESS, KIASU AND RUDENESS in their character.  I believe there is still justice around and we should not let these people rule the road. 

Sometimes I wonder why the actress was so mad that she vent anger at the taxi that caused her so much anxiety?  (she might be helpless and defenceless when she did that) I also wonder whether some facts were hidden by the so callled "innocent" taxi driver we did not know.  I would have also gotten depression if I get into this situation too ... This episode already gave me a sleepless night and unhappiness.

The most basic courtesy could have avoided this scenario altogether but time and again we see drivers who are intent on dragging out a situation for nothing. Sometimes, it seems as though they are itching for a fight so that they can play the victim and earn damages through court proceedings. The best thing to do here is to lodge a complaint with LTA through their online feedback form so that the necessary action can be taken against this driver. If this driver can blow up over such a trivial situation, one can only wonder what he might escalate to in a serious circumstance.

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Driver Abandoned Passenger SHD5361 Bukit Merah

Mr Vijay informs the following on 12/01/2012:

Today Morning,at about 10:25 am I boarded transcab SHD5361, who turned off his BUSY status & took me. After I told him Bukit Merah, he nodded his head and asked "U have cash?

When he noticed me observing his Nets Machine" I said ok, and said my exact location as "221 Henderson".

He then questioned me why I initially said Bukit Merah, and then said Henderson and to make up my mind.

I gave a blank expression,Wondering why is he questioning me this when I expected him to know that Henderson's in Bukit merah.

Bt I didn't say anything.He then asked me how I wanted to go and whether I know the route or not? I asked him as a Cab Driver aren't you supposed to know your route? He then said, he's a not a "DRIVER", and after a couple hundred metres, asked me to get out.

I then said, "OK,OK Nevermind, I'll guide you..please just go. I'm late for my meeting"

Next thing I know he stopped his meter, and told me to get out and find another cab..

He then said " Go ahead, Go and complain" when I asked him for his number plate.

Please help me to report this CAB DRIVER To the relevant authorities and to teach him the basic ethics of being a cab driver. I sincerely hope this letter reaches the relevant authorities to weed out the rogue element within the cab driver's community.

This is a fine example of how brazen these drivers have become. They are so confident that passengers are so forgiving that they will take such abuse and not do anything about it, that they are now daring you to do so. They also think we are not savvy to lodge a complain with the relevant authority and will instead approach the cab company - which will do nothing more than offer lip service. If we don't step up our efforts to address service failures and rogue behaviour through the relevant agency, this will become 'normal'. We urge you strongly to lodge a complaint immediately with the LTA through their online feedback form regarding this incident so that the driver will regret uttering the challenge to you. If we make it a habit to lodge a complaint when we encounter these rogue drivers, the ones who are truly incorrigible can be identified easily - and duly removed from our roads.