Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Dangerous Driver Bedok North SHC1135C

Terence Teo informs the following on 07/11/2013:
On 7 November 2013, at about 7.40am, I was driving along Pan Island Expressway close to exit 8A/8B to Bedok North in the direction of Changi Airport when a Sonata Comfort Taxi, licence plate SHC 1135 C, cut into my lane from the left hand lane, the one that was leading to the Bedok North exit. The taxi came close to hitting me on my left front side. I have a video of the entire episode, which is why I can describe this encounter in such detail. 
I am sharing this with other road users, and this seems to be a recurring theme in all the posts I have read. I sympathise with taxi drivers and their long working hours and hard life, but this does not justify or condone reckless and dangerous behavior on the roads. Taxi drivers like to boast to me that they are professionals on the road and everyone else is an amateur, but the fact that you have long hours of experience and earn a living driving does not JUSTIFY arrogant and aggressive driving. I would like to ask taxi drivers to truly behave like professionals when they drive, so that we can post more positive experiences than negative ones.

Indeed, these drivers need to understand that no one owes them a living and they are motorists just like the rest. Unfortunately, waiting for them to gain this enlightenment is a recipe for disaster - as this blog shows. The best alternative then is to repeatedly call them out on their reckless, rude and fraudulent behaviour and intentions so that they will be cowered into behaving themselves. We urge you to submit the video to LTA through their online feedback portal so that it can be officially recorded against the driver's performance - more of such evidence will enable the authorities to clamp down on these errant motorists swiftly and prevent the accidents tha are waiting to happen because of them.

Clueless Egotistic Driver SH8148M

Milk C informs the following on 10/11/2013:
I came across your blog when I was googling for method to e-mail my bad experience with this cab driver to LTA, so I thought I should share it with you. 
On 10th November 2013, 1:07AM, my friends and I (there were four of us) decided to share a cab back home since we were all heading towards the same direction. We managed to hop onto this taxi (SH8148M) and told him our first destination. The taxi uncle seemed to be very indecisive and very unsure of which route to go as he would keep asking if it was okay to go by this route and re-confirm the route with us every few minutes. He seemed pretty polite (as of now) from the way he replied us after we re-affirmed the direction with him. 
The incident started after my first two friends alighted from the taxi. The remaining ones, my friend and I, lived in Tampines and Pasir Ris respectively. As our homes were really close to one another, normally we would tell the taxi uncle to go to the area which he thought was the closest one and allowed him to choose the route for us. It was different this time, however. The taxi uncle couldn't make up his mind where to go first, so he actually stopped the car some distance away from the traffic light on lane 1 before abruptly cutting through the lanes to lane 4 as he decided to go into KPE. 
The driver had yet to make up his mind even after we entered the TPE flyover, so I was telling him if he wanted to go to Pasir Ris first, he should exit by Exit 4. However, instead of listening to my suggestion, he asked for our addresses again (which we already told him after our two friends alighted). Nevertheless, we gave him again, but he still couldn't make up his mind whether to go Tampines or Pasir Ris first even when we were nearing Exit 5. 
Then, what he did next shocked me. He actually stopped the car in the middle of the highway and asked us where we preferred to go first (Note: There were 4 lanes and I vaguely remembered we were on the third lane). 
Honestly, my friend and I were really unsure whose house was nearer (since some of the taxi uncles would choose Tampines first, while some would choose Pasir Ris first), so I told the driver (again) to exit by Exit 4 if he wants to go into Pasir Ris, don't exit by Exit 5. However instead of following my request and/or acknowledging me, he just kept quiet and entered Exit 5 straight away and into Pasir Ris. 
I became annoyed because of that. But then I was having doubts that he might not have heard me, so I told him again that he should have exited by Exit 4 if he wants to go to my place, because it's faster. But he continued to remain silent and took my words like passing wind, which was then, I knew he was ignoring me on purpose. 
I started to look for his ID on the windscreen, but it wasn't there. So I asked him about it, in which, he finally opened his mouth and replied me (while raising his voice) that it had dropped and he didn't have time to paste it back. Then, he continued to raise his voice at me and said I was arrogant, which I thought was really out of nowhere (But after I think back about it, I think he said that because I was telling him that he should have exit by Exit 4 in a hostile way after we entered Pasir Ris. I was too frustrated at that point of time to talk to him nicely, especially when he failed to follow my request even after I told him that many times. My tone must have worsened as well after that because I was extremely pissed off by his rude attitude). 
After I alighted from the cab, my friend told me the driver kept on explaining that if he wanted to cheat our money, he would have gone to Tampines first. In that case, doesn't that means he already knew Pasir Ris was closer? =.= Why did he have to keep stopping the car in the middle of the road (dangerously) and asked for our opinions then (even when we repeated multiple times that either Tampines or Pasir Ris is fine)? 
Lastly, my friend told me he kept asking for my name. I'm not too sure why would he wants to know that, but I doubt it was for any good intention.

As you rightly point out, there can be no good intention from this driver. The best course of action is to lodge a complaint with LTA through their online feedback portal so that his actions can be recorded across different passengers. Otherwise, it is just a 'one-off incident' for each passenger he treats so poorly. Should we wait until an accident occurs and lives are lost before reflecting that we should have done this or that?

UPDATE on 24/11/2013 from Milk C:
Thank you for the suggestion. I've already sent my complaint to LTA and opted to revert the complain to Comfort because I think he should be given chance instead of having his licence revoked. Comfort had also responded to my complain, saying that they had issued warning to the driver. Hopefully similar incident will not happen again.

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Driver Wanted for Film

Charly informs the following on 01/11/2013:

Dear Sir, I am a producer for MAKE Productions in Singapore and we are filming a pilot programme with Indonesian/French singer Anggun on Tuesday November 5th. We would like to film Anggun in a taxi who shows her around Singapore and would appreciate your advice on a recommendation for a taxi driver who would be appropriate for this. I understand your website is dedicated to negative experiences with cab drivers but perhaps you know some who deserve to be featured for being more positive cab role models?  
We would like someone who is charismatic and knows a lot about the city, who is very proud of the city and is happy to be on camera. We would need him/her to be available from 9AM to 11AM on November 5th. Please let me know if you have any ideas - I look forward to hearing from you.  
Kind regards, Charly

Readers, please nominate any driver whom you think is deserving for this role, thanks. You can leave the name and contact number of the driver in the comments or drop me an email at teo.lee.fong@gmail.com.

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Cabbies: The Inside Story launched by Sam Hwang

A reader informed us about this book that was launched recently. We're not sure how good or informative it is but I'm sure if we were to collate all these stories here, we'd have a local best seller too! If any of you have read it, please share your reviews, thanks.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Tyrant Clueless Driver Yishun SHD5506J

Aishah informs the following on 14/10/2013:

On 13 Oct 2013 at about 2325hrs, I took a cab (license plate no: SHD5506J) from Yishun MRT heading towards Woodlands. After Gambas I informed the cab driver to exit at a turn and he said he had already signaled to turn and he knew where he was going. 
Later, when I heard him signal to turn right, I informed him that this wasn't my exit yet and to proceed straight. He turned around to face me and lectured me for giving directions to him. He claimed that I was looking at my handphone and should therefore not be giving him directions. 
I found it extremely ridiculous that he took offense as I have been taking the same route home for close to a decade and I know where the turns are. I gave him directions because taxi drivers sometimes take the wrong exits to get to my address. 
Eventually, when I informed him to U-turn, he did a wrong turn instead. Not wanting to be in his cab any longer, I just told him to alight me opposite my home. I was looking for his name but the interior of the Prime orange/gold cab did not display his name. 
It's extremely disappointing to see some cab drivers being tyrants on the road. With all the emphasis on service, you would think the cab drivers in Singapore would be top notch and respect their paying customers. But upon reading all the complaints on this blog, I realised I'm not alone at being frustrated. 
I've met a handful of really excellent cab drivers on the road but I sincerely hope that the handful will soon outnumber the numerous bad drivers. Taxi companies should look to hire drivers who have passed certain service quality lessons. Drivers need to be assessed on their suitability to serve customers. 
I applaud the formation of this blog as it helps people share their experiences and most importantly, keep others aware of drivers with repeat complaints.

Thank you for your kind words of encouragement. Yes, we hope that this blog will one day not be required but until then, we want to consolidate all the rubbish dished out by these ruffians to serve as an infinite record of their misdeeds. The only way forward is for the commuters to take the fight to the industry since the industry is only interested in taking our money and giving us excuses. By reporting the matter to the LTA through their online feedback portal each and every time we encounter bad drivers, we put pressure on LTA for enforcement which then impacts the cab companies where it hurts - their bottomline. Once their operations and profits are affected, rest assured there will be change - fast and furious change, in fact.

Cowardly Dangerous Driver Alexandra Road

Ben Low informs the following on 13/10/2013:

On 19/05/2011 at about 6.20pm. I was riding on my motorcycle travelling straight on Lane 2 along Alexandra road towards Pasir Panjang road, just right outside Ikea. 
The Taxi Driver on the left of my lane signalled right for less than a second and swerved into my lane in an instant without checking for traffic.
That made me hit my brakes and horned at him. After hearing my horn, he stepped on his brakes slowing down his vehicle, so I overtook him, still on Lane 2. We stopped side by side at the traffic junction as the traffic lights were red.
He looked at me with an angry expression and gave a abusive hand signal at me. I looked into his car so he winded down his window, and asked me why did I horn at him.

I told him that he abruptly cut into lane without checking and almost caused me an accident. He then told me that he signalled so it's his right to change lanes, and also challenged me to the police station. After I said yes to his challenge, he kept insisting he was in the right of way and scolded vuglarities at me even though he had a passenger behind. 
I followed him to Queensway Police Station but he did not stop and just drove off. 
I was lucky to have avoided getting into an accident, but I cannot ignore such a incorrigible driver. 
I have send an email to transcab on 20th may 2011 regarding this issue and they promised me to give me an answer 5 to 10 working days. but it had been 2 weeks and I have not received anything from them. 

I hope some action will be taken on this taxi driver as this driver instead make a complaint to my company and because of this complaint I had been suspended from my job making me jobless now.

We are certainly not surprised that the taxi driver was all talk and no action - running away like the coward that he really is. We are also not in the least bit surprised that the taxi company did not get back to you - they are probably hoping that you will get tired of the matter and not follow up. This is why we strongly encourage those affected by rogue taxi drivers to immediately lodge a complaint through LTA's online feedback portal as that will result in concrete action and have firm outcomes. We feel bad that the taxi driver has pulled a fast one on you - thank you for sharing with us this experience so that other commuters and motorists can be forewarned when dealing with nasty encounters with these drivers.

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Stupid Driver SHC1875A Telok Kurau

Dan informs the following on 24/08/2013:
I had a bad experience with taxi driver driving SHC1875A on 24 Aug 2013 at 0020hrs. 

As I was driving out into one Telok Kurau lane, which is a two way street but only accessible on one lane due to parked cars on one side, this taxi driver from afar can see me coming out and purposely stop just infront of me refusing to give way. Thereafter, he high beam me expecting me to reverse. He kept shaking his head and uses his hand signal to indicate he wants to go straight.

I use my signal to indicate that I will let him pass if he can simply allow me to head into a small gap but he simply refused and shaking his head. 

I'm so angry with myself that I didn't just park my car there and see what he could do but I was so tired and sleepy. Thus, I've reverse and let him pass. 

When he passes by my car, he was staring at me with hatred as if he wanted to start a fight. I am so angry but there's nothing I can do except sharing and hopefully expose this driver. 
Thanks for listening. 
A frustrated driver 
Indeed, these morons seem to prefer wasting everybody's time (including their own) with their nonsensical logic and rationale. Instead of practising safe driving and enabling everyone to have a convenient experience, we repeatedly see this type of senseless behaviour - in this case rushing to block your way. The best option is to lodge a report with LTA on their online feedback portal since part of the driver responsibilities includes being courteous on the road. By lodging a complaint, this particular driver will get the message that other drivers are not willing to put up with his nonsense any more.

Needlessly Violent Driver SHB5234D Queenstown

Mr Khriz informs the following on 19/08/2013:
Just like to bring to your attention my experience with a very threatening taxi driver of SMRT taxi, SHB5234D.  
I booked the taxi on 17 Aug Saturday evening, and the abovementioned taxi arrived shortly at my house in Queenstown area. I told the driver that I am going to Changi Airport Terminal 3. While inside the taxi, he asked how I would like to go. As I was in a hurry and also busy with my emails/calls, I told him not to ask me the directions and he should just take the shortest route.
To my surprise, he shouted "Simi l*n ji*o?!" loudly and stopped the taxi. He then told me that if I have such attitude, he does not want to take me and ask me to get out. He then opened his door and beckoned that he was going to remove my luggage. I replied in surprise that I did not show him any attitude, but just in a hurry, and I do not know the directions well because this is my parents' place and I was outstationed for awhile. He continued his aggressive approach that are peppered with expletives and kept telling me to get out of the taxi because he did not like my attitude. 
As it was very difficult to get a taxi at that time and I do not wish to miss my flight, I had no choice but to apologise to him reluctantly and ask him to bring me to the airport. He then insist that I tell him which way to go, so I said "PIE" but asked him if that is the shortest way. He replied that he don't care which is the shortest way, but because I said "PIE", then he will go via PIE. 
The journey was very unpleasant as he drove either very slowly or very recklessly, perhaps to spite me. At times, he would swerved when there are clearly no nearby vehicles, causing me to hit my head on the window twice. I told him to drive safely but he retorted that I told him that I was in a hurry, and if I am not happy with his driving, I should get out. Clearly he knows I am in a hurry and its tough to get a taxi on Sat evening, so using it against me. I had no choice but to keep quiet. When we reached the destination, he refused to help me with my luggages and told me that it is not his duty. Thus I have to spend time to take out my bags and wait for him to count my change slowly.  
I would like to highlight that at no time did I use any vulgarities on him, though towards the end I did raised my voice as I cannot take it any more. His expletive-laced responses and remark that I have an "attitude" is truly uncalled for.
This letter had also been sent to LTA with further details, and I hope the authorities can bring him to task before other passengers get hurt.
We applaud your bravery in standing up to this bully and following through with an official complaint. It is obvious to us that this is not the first time this idiot driver has harassed a passenger and it certainly won't be the last - until he is forcibly stopped by revocation of his licence. Please keep us updated on the investigation by LTA and the outcome.

Fraud Driver SHD5844H Cross Street

Ms K Tan informs the following on 17/08/2013:

Hi, I would like to share the 1st bad experience I had with a Transcab driver.
License plate number :SHD5844H
Me and my friend board the cab from cross st at around 2.05am on 17th August 2013. When we board the cab, the driver knew my friend was about to vomit, he did not chase us out and even said OK to fetch us. After which, my friend vomited into a plastic bag that he'd given to us. Then the taxi driver went to the nearest petrol station claiming that his taxi is out of petrol and he got no choice but to stop and pump petrol first. So we waited till he finished pumping the petrol then he proceed to send us back to boon lay.  
When we arrived, I sent my friend up to the house and the taxi driver offered to wait for me downstairs. When I came back down, he clamed that my friend vomited in his taxi and said he will need to claim car washing fees. As it was late, and I was alone, as a female I have no choice but to obliged. As I reached my destination, the cab fare was $41.50 The taxi driver then told me that the washing fees is $20. I find it ridiculous but still I have to no choice but to obliged because I was alone and there was no one around. I paid $60.00. And when I asked him for the receipt, he claimed that he cannot print out. 
I find that this taxi driver obviously is trying to cheat me of my money seeing that I'm all alone and as a female, I couldn't have fight against him. $20 for washing just 1 seat on the car? and my friend vomited into the plastic bag he gave, I did not even see any stains on the seat as he claimed he'd already wipe it off. If you said $6, I still find it's reasonable as that is what petrol stations are charging us for washing of the entire car. We waited for him to pump petrol, that alone already costed us more than $6.00
Refused to giving me a receipt already dictate that he is not doing something rightful. Everyday I'm taking cab, but never have I encounter such ridiculous incident before. As a Singaporean, it's very disappointing to see fellow Singaporeans extorting money out of us. Do you think this is my own fault or I can lodge a complaint towards him?

Obviously this driver is a predator who preys on night revellers who will be vulnerable when tipsy or drunk. It certainly sounds suspicious and looks very much like this was premeditated fraud and extortion. Our advice is to immediately lodge a report with LTA through their online feedback portal so that they can launch an investigation and hopefully revoke this guy's licence altogether. We must take into account that this driver probably makes a dishonest living by doing this regularly and in most cases, the person might be too drunk to recall the crime.

Monday, 15 July 2013

App to Hail Taxis

Mr Hadi informs the following on 08/07/2013:

I'm a fan of your blog, and I must say some of the encounters shared do irk me. But I'm not sending you this email to complain/compliment a recent taxi trip, rather, share with you an encounter of mine online, of a local taxi e-hail app; allows one to e-hail a taxi by a simple tap on their phone, check it out here :

What are your thoughts and possibly the visitors' on this?

Seems like an interesting idea and we wish you the best of luck to get this off the ground.

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Imbecile Driver SHB5453? Aljunied MRT

Ms Valerie Jong informs the following on 04/07/2013:
We boarded on one SMRT taxi with plate number SHB5453# (couldn't recall the last alphabet), driver Lim Eng Chuan (or Chuang) from Aljunied MRT station to somewhere near Joo Seng area. The driver drove quite recklessly and was loud when he asked us the exact direction to the place we were heading to. Upon reaching the destination, my friend gave him a $50 note for the fare of $7.20 and he asked us rudely if we have smaller note cause he didnt have small change. He then asked us to pay with the Smartcard. He took the card from us with damn rude gesture and after he's done scanning the card, he asked us to get down to get our stuffs from the back of the car so effin harshly!  After we got down and retrieved our belongings from the back of the car, he shouted at us so loudly and asked us to shut the door properly as it wasnt shut tightly. My friend finally lost his temper and asked why he need to scream and shout like that. He scolded back at us with tonnnessss of obscenities and drove off. After he made a turning and drove away from the area, he still managed to wind down the window and spitted at our direction!!! Geez!! Please, the authorities should really take stern action on this driver for his extremely rebuke-able behavior!
Yes, this is the typical taxi driver, a moron with no sense of civility and appropriate behaviour. I think it would be a huge disservice if you didn't report this imbecile to LTA through their online feedback portal immediately!

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Taxi Uncle Sings to Passenger

Chan informs the following on 29/06/2013:

Hi there,

Amazingly, I've not had a bad experience with taxi drivers in Singapore; I only feel frustrated when I'm late and they are driving slowly, or when it's a jam. But it's not their fault. 
Apart from that, I've had very good experiences where many times the taxi drivers strike a conversation with me, or thank me and say "good bye and have a good day ahead!"
Sometimes, I initiate the conversations or say thank you first - most of the time, they will chat or respond back to me cheerfully. Like my mom always says, it takes 2 hands to clap. 
Here's a video (not by me) but by a young Singaporean who did an "experiment" to see how nice taxi drivers are out there. It's really good and shows the great Singaporean taxi drivers out there.
Hope you will share this on your blog!
Best regards,

We do not have problems sharing the good examples - it was nice to see some drivers go the extra mile to help a fellow Singaporean out. However, we do wonder if the guy who made this video only added the positive experiences and not the negative ones?

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Menace of SMRT Taxi Drivers Woodlands Circle

Zhang Penghua informs the following on 13/05/2013:

I do feel our Singapore taxi drivers are mostly polite and careful in driving. But here I just to share my bad experience with SMRT taxi drivers.
First case happened about a month ago.
It was about 3:00pm on a weekday, at woodlands circle.
My daughter was crossing the “green man” zebra from evergreen primary school towards blk742, suddenly a SMRT taxi sped past her and the taxi driver realized he ran the red light, he slowed down after passing my daughter and waved to her to say sorry.
The car plate no was SHD65xxx.
Second case happened just today (05/12) at ~12:50 noon.
It was at woodlands Drive 40, my daughter and I was riding bicycles towards woodlands circle, while passing the auxiliary road from drive 40 towards blk 701, 702, a SMRT taxi suddenly turned left into the auxiliary road from woodlands circle direction without signalling and without slowing down.
The car plate no is SHD607xD, purple, Chevrolet.
I would like SMRT to emphasize to their taxi drivers the importance of safety, and don’t take people’s life for granted.

Sadly, such experiences are the norm instead of the exception and nothing is done until someone loses a life. Such is our society that is highly reactive but hardly proactive. We, as commuters and pedestrians, have to be vigilant with the taxi drivers here. We hope that this will change over time, but I am not hopeful at all.

Friday, 10 May 2013

Exemplary Driver from Comfort

Michelle Zhang informs the following on 08/05/2013:

Hi I would like to commend a taxi uncle who went out of this way to help me. I do not remember his taxi plate no. and name but he is from Comfort. That morning, I made a taxi booking from Comfort. The taxi uncle was early and made a phone call from his mobile phone to mine to inform me that he was at the lobby. I went down about 5-10 minutes later (my fault) and he was kind enough to wait for me. No vulgarities or complaints from him and he drove me to my workplace with a cheerful attitude. As I was rushing to work, I left a document bag in the taxi and forgot all about it. Some time later, I realised that I had left my bag in the taxi. As I had the number of the taxi uncle, I called him and told him about my blunder. Thankfully my bag was still in the taxi and he volunteered to send it back to my workplace which he did. Really glad to have met this great uncle who went an extra mile for me.
It's great to hear of such heartwarming stories but the truth is that such gems are so rare among the taxi drivers of Singapore. As you have the handphone number of the driver in this case, why not send a feedback through LTA's online portal so that they can trace the driver and recognise his exemplary attitude and service.

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Idiot Driver SHB2700U Bedok South

Mr Phil Teng informs the following on 30/04/2013:
At about sometime after 7 pm on 30 April 2013, I was driving on straight road coming out of Blk 60 Bedok South, when I saw a speeding taxi from far driving on wrong side of Road. (my side) coming straight at me.  I stop and keep sounding my horn, but he still came straight at me and only stop inches away from my vehicle. I got down my car and want to confront him.  He was still talking on the phone while winding down his window. This driver is very dangerous to road user and pedestrian especially at the speed he drive in HDB estate and completely ignore everything while on the phone. Something must be done before further serious mishap happen. 
Taxi No: SHB2700U (white mercedes)

It is quite common for taxi drivers to be complacent and take things for granted. Perhaps this guy was distracted in trying to locate his destination. In any case though, he should have stopped to figure out what he is going to do rather than try to over-manage and nearly cause an accident.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Rogue Driver Resurfaces SHD352T Changi Airport

Wei Ren informs the following on 01/04/2013:
I search online for this taxi SHD352T and found your blog, and I am going to share what I had email to trans cab for my bad experience with the driver. Please see below:

Your taxi driver ruined my day!
Today, at around 10:30PM on 1st April 2013, I just got off from my happy trip arrived at Changi Airport terminal one. I went up to this Trans Cab taxi with car plate number SHD352T. First I told him i am going to Tampines Ave 5, he told me he just know Tampines, he dunno where is Ave 5, rudely! Hey man, he is a taxi driver, how can he got his license which such capability? And how can he be so rude?! Ok then I told him I will guide him until the destination.
Along the way I felt so uncomfortable as his driving skill is lousy, breaking while there is no car no red light in front, and the car is moving left and right.
When we arrived at destination, I first ask whether I can pay by Nets. Ya maybe I didn't notice that there isn't such Nets machine in his cab, but how can he impatiently response to me with "Do you see any machine in the cab!"??? Fine then I give him a note of $50 for the total charge of $14.42. When he is looking for the change, I told him just give me back $35.50. I am not intentionally to give him tip of $0.10, just I want to get off from the cab ASAP! He responded with "Take back all your money! You think 10 cents is so big?!".
He ruined my vacation mood with such bad attitude and driving skill! I hope you can do something or else I will complaint to LTA and hope someone else can give me a acceptable response!
FYI I found there is a complaint to the same taxi, link as below:

We are not surprised that the same taxi drivers appear on this blog because the regulations are not stringent enough against errant drivers. In this case, an extremely rude driver who once abandoned a passenger in the middle of nowhere displays his arrogance. This is why reporting every horrible incident is important - every time a driver gets away with his ruffian behaviour is a moment he gets bolder. We would advise you to lodge a report with LTA through their online feedback portal so that there will be more pressure on Transcab to take corrective action instead of giving lip service.

Aggressive Driver SHD2781A Ubi Avenue

Jessie Ong informs the following on 25/03/2013:

I would like to make a complaint against the driver of SHD2781A. This incident happened on 22.03.2013 (Friday) evening at 6.12pm.
I was waiting for a taxi along the main road of 50 Ubi ave 3 Frontier. And this taxi driver stopped opp of the main road and asked me to cross over to board his taxi. When I boarded the taxi, I told the Uncle, I wanted to go to Tampines st 93 industrial park, near to safra tampines.
And I even mention clearly that I want to go by “BARTLEY ROAD EAST”. I believe this not a VERY new road, although there are some road works there. He argue with me saying I cannot go by that road. (In a very bad attitude). So I asked him which way he want to use? He answered me OF COURSE by “PIE” Pan island expressway. I said HUH? Isn’t that a detour? It is going a big round.
He start shouting at me, saying than which way I want to use. Repeated 3 -4 times. Shouting. I am so angry, and wanted to alight immediately. This kind of service is really not acceptable. I AM A CUSTOMER. My Dad & father in law both are taxi driver. Both of them are driving in Singapore daily. They even know this road, how come this uncle don’t know, and he even got the cheek to tell me, “I STAY IN UBI” don’t tell me “Bartley road east”.
I myself is also a DRIVER. I am driving every day. From Loyang to Ubi. I am using this road everyday!!! Why can’t he just follow instruction? Enter Bartley road east and exit tampines ave 10. That is so simple. My whole journey took 8.1 KM… This so ridiculous.
My total fare come up to $12.35. When I paid and took a receipt from him, I told him, I will complaint him. He shouted at me again. “I AM NOT SCARE, GO AHEAD AND COMPLAINT ME”. I have 4-5 eye wittiness saw what had happened when I alight from the taxi.

This is precisely the problem we want to solve - taxi drivers abusing passengers when it is the latter who should be in control. These drivers seem to suffer from some inferiority complex and turn aggressive at the slightest discussion. The best approach is to proceed with a complaint via the online feedback portal offered by LTA.

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Xenophobic Driver SHD2609R Lavender Street

Mr Ranjan informs the following on 24/02/2013:

I found your blog when I was trying to find out how to pursue complaints with LTA.
I had a very bad experience with a rude taxi driver yesterday (22nd Feb 2013). Here is a description of what happened.

I, with my wife and our one month old daughter, took a cab from the ICA office to the Tekka Market at around 1 PM. As we got near the destination, I asked the driver to pull up on the right side of the Serangoon Road in front of the Verge Shopping Mall. Since, it is a one way road, stopping on the right hand side is possible. Also, Since, it was sunny and I did not want my daughter to get exposed to the sun. The driver did not respond and pulled up one block ahead. When I asked him that why did he not stop where I asked him - he responded rudely, "cannot lah, you cannot stop there". I settled the fare and got down to take out the baby stroller; my wife and baby were still inside the cab. As I got down, I saw another taxi stopping at the same place where I wanted our cab to stop. I opened the driver side of the front door and told the driver that if other taxis could stop there (pointing to the place, where I wanted him to stop), why couldn't he? At this point he flung open the door and walked agressively towards me, shouting at me "so what, if I did not stop there." When I told him not to shout, he started saying, "I can't stop suddenly, I dont have eyes at the back of my head" etc etc. When I told him again not to shout, he came on my face, continously saying "F### you", all the while I was asking him not to shout. At one point he started saying, "Go back your country" repeatedly. He came so close to me that an onlooker had to tap on his shoulder to stop a possible assault. At this point he went back in the cab. 
As I was fetching my wife and baby from inside the cab, I was talking to my wife about the ignorance and rudeness of the driver, he again came out and started saying, "F#$# you, Go back your country". The driver also asked me to complain and go to the court, if I wished. My baby was in my arms now, so I just took the cab's number.
It was a golden color cab, with the number as SHD2609R. I think he was a Chinese driver, in his mid 50s. As I did not know the company it belonged to, I called up Comfort Cab, telling them that I want to complain about a rude driver. The operator told me that she cannot take the complaint as the cab did not belong to her company. I asked her about where to lodge a complaint as I didn't know the name of the company and she she gave me the LTA number.
I called up LTA and narrated the incident. The officer said if I was willing to go to the court. I told her that I didn't know the law of the land and asked for her advice instead. She said that the officers would investigate the matter and get back to me. She took my name and number. 
My complaint is on 3 counts -
1. Being rude and inconsiderate about the passengers needs. I was travelling with a month old infant
2. Using swear words and coming close to a intimidating/threatening distance
3. Using racist language and asking me to leave the country
Later I found that the cab belonged to Prime company. I called them to lodge a complaint, but they said that as I have reported the LTA, that being a higher authority will do the necessary on this matter.
The reason for writing to you is to find out -
1. What would be the next likely course of action here?
2. What sort of proof or witnesses do I need, in case the matter goes to court? There were a few shop keepers that I can approach for help.
3. Should I expect LTA to call and update me? OR Should I call them to pursue the matter further?
Thank you so much, for patiently reading this. Will look forward to your advise.
Yes, lodging a complaint with LTA is indeed the right move as we have seen how cab companies try to trivialise the matter to maintain their profits. I do think the LTA officer should not have tried to frighten you with questions on whether you would be willing to testify in court because there is so much that needs to transpire before that happens. The authorities are strongly governed by regulations here in Singapore and so the course of action will be followed. The proof and court case issue is actually a separate issue and is about his intimidating behaviour which may be an offence under the Penal Code. As with any agency, efficiency is always a question mark so I would suggest calling back to check after 2 to 3 weeks if there has been no follow-up with you. It is unfortunate that you had to go through that horrible experience but whether there is a concrete outcome or not, it will be recorded in the driver's file so he will think twice about being a ruffian to another passenger again.  Thank you for having the courage to stand up to this bully!