Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Cabbies: The Inside Story launched by Sam Hwang

A reader informed us about this book that was launched recently. We're not sure how good or informative it is but I'm sure if we were to collate all these stories here, we'd have a local best seller too! If any of you have read it, please share your reviews, thanks.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Tyrant Clueless Driver Yishun SHD5506J

Aishah informs the following on 14/10/2013:

On 13 Oct 2013 at about 2325hrs, I took a cab (license plate no: SHD5506J) from Yishun MRT heading towards Woodlands. After Gambas I informed the cab driver to exit at a turn and he said he had already signaled to turn and he knew where he was going. 
Later, when I heard him signal to turn right, I informed him that this wasn't my exit yet and to proceed straight. He turned around to face me and lectured me for giving directions to him. He claimed that I was looking at my handphone and should therefore not be giving him directions. 
I found it extremely ridiculous that he took offense as I have been taking the same route home for close to a decade and I know where the turns are. I gave him directions because taxi drivers sometimes take the wrong exits to get to my address. 
Eventually, when I informed him to U-turn, he did a wrong turn instead. Not wanting to be in his cab any longer, I just told him to alight me opposite my home. I was looking for his name but the interior of the Prime orange/gold cab did not display his name. 
It's extremely disappointing to see some cab drivers being tyrants on the road. With all the emphasis on service, you would think the cab drivers in Singapore would be top notch and respect their paying customers. But upon reading all the complaints on this blog, I realised I'm not alone at being frustrated. 
I've met a handful of really excellent cab drivers on the road but I sincerely hope that the handful will soon outnumber the numerous bad drivers. Taxi companies should look to hire drivers who have passed certain service quality lessons. Drivers need to be assessed on their suitability to serve customers. 
I applaud the formation of this blog as it helps people share their experiences and most importantly, keep others aware of drivers with repeat complaints.

Thank you for your kind words of encouragement. Yes, we hope that this blog will one day not be required but until then, we want to consolidate all the rubbish dished out by these ruffians to serve as an infinite record of their misdeeds. The only way forward is for the commuters to take the fight to the industry since the industry is only interested in taking our money and giving us excuses. By reporting the matter to the LTA through their online feedback portal each and every time we encounter bad drivers, we put pressure on LTA for enforcement which then impacts the cab companies where it hurts - their bottomline. Once their operations and profits are affected, rest assured there will be change - fast and furious change, in fact.

Cowardly Dangerous Driver Alexandra Road

Ben Low informs the following on 13/10/2013:

On 19/05/2011 at about 6.20pm. I was riding on my motorcycle travelling straight on Lane 2 along Alexandra road towards Pasir Panjang road, just right outside Ikea. 
The Taxi Driver on the left of my lane signalled right for less than a second and swerved into my lane in an instant without checking for traffic.
That made me hit my brakes and horned at him. After hearing my horn, he stepped on his brakes slowing down his vehicle, so I overtook him, still on Lane 2. We stopped side by side at the traffic junction as the traffic lights were red.
He looked at me with an angry expression and gave a abusive hand signal at me. I looked into his car so he winded down his window, and asked me why did I horn at him.

I told him that he abruptly cut into lane without checking and almost caused me an accident. He then told me that he signalled so it's his right to change lanes, and also challenged me to the police station. After I said yes to his challenge, he kept insisting he was in the right of way and scolded vuglarities at me even though he had a passenger behind. 
I followed him to Queensway Police Station but he did not stop and just drove off. 
I was lucky to have avoided getting into an accident, but I cannot ignore such a incorrigible driver. 
I have send an email to transcab on 20th may 2011 regarding this issue and they promised me to give me an answer 5 to 10 working days. but it had been 2 weeks and I have not received anything from them. 

I hope some action will be taken on this taxi driver as this driver instead make a complaint to my company and because of this complaint I had been suspended from my job making me jobless now.

We are certainly not surprised that the taxi driver was all talk and no action - running away like the coward that he really is. We are also not in the least bit surprised that the taxi company did not get back to you - they are probably hoping that you will get tired of the matter and not follow up. This is why we strongly encourage those affected by rogue taxi drivers to immediately lodge a complaint through LTA's online feedback portal as that will result in concrete action and have firm outcomes. We feel bad that the taxi driver has pulled a fast one on you - thank you for sharing with us this experience so that other commuters and motorists can be forewarned when dealing with nasty encounters with these drivers.