Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Reckless Driver SH6069X Tuas South

On 20/12/2014, KC informs the following:
I would like you to help post this incident occurred on 19 Dec 2014 at about 9.06am at Pioneer Road while I was driving to work to Tuas South area. I was moving along the 2nd lane and this taxi, plate SH6069X was on the 3rd lane behind me. He tried to overtake me when he saw there was a lorry blocking on the 3rd lane and forced his way into my lane (right of way). I got jammed hard on my brakes to prevent an accident. He should have slow slowed down and not speed up to try to collide into my car, moreover the nearest car was about at least 50m a way behind me. He got ample time to react. What a reckless driver. Attached is the video of the incident. 
We are always bewildered on how these drivers are forever in a rush to meet their makers but almost always they are intent to take innocent passengers and other motorists along with them. The only way to prevent them from taking lives is to put fear in them. The quickest and most effective way is to lodge a report with LTA on their   online feedback portal .

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Reckless Driver SHD4907S Geylang Road

On 16/10/2014, Paul Lau informs the following:

The taxi driver just cut into my line and stop, like purposely create accident, happen on 16 oct 2014 2.25pm my video cam date problem. 

As usual, these drivers have no sense and no qualms about causing accidents. If you had knocked him, he will claim you are at fault and it will be hard for you to claim otherwise (at the very least, it will be a hassle to get it sorted out). Please report this idiot to LTA through their  online feedback portal so that the necessary counselling can be issued to him. If you don't do it when you have evidence, the chances are that some other unsuspecting driver will be caught in an accident and he/she may not have the evidence to prove their innocence.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Arrogant Hostile Driver Transcab SHB7640B Upper Paya Lebar

On 22/09/2014, Kubera informs the following:
I would very much want to lodge a complaint with LTA to teach this driver a lesson for his behaviour. A Shame to Singapore...  
On 19th Sept at about 6.40pm I took SHB7640B from Tai Keng Garden along Upper Paya Lebar road to go to Tan Tock Seng Hospital. When I boarded the taxi I told driver to go by Bartley road and then thru Upper Serangoon road and turn right to PIE and come out by Jalan Datoh to Balestier road. 
I have requested for the driver to go my preferred way as I have experience less traffic congestion taking this route previously driven by a taxi driver. The transcab driver replied that he has just came from Upper Serangoon road and there were heavy traffic. I insisted to go by my preference and he comply but when he was driving along Upper Serangoon road he kept on the extreme right lane and go below the tunnel towards the direction to Bendemeer road.  
When this happened I told him that he has taken the wrong route. I then tell him that if he didn't know the way he could have ask me. He then get angry and told me off that there is no route and he took out the street directory and throw on to the front passenger seat and ask me to check for myself. He again told me off saying that he knows the road very well as he has been driving taxi for many years. I told him him that in this case you should know this route.  
I instructed him to continue with his direction me the way. Then I told him again that I have travel that route before and he got angry, halt his taxi at cross road junction of Boon Keng road and Bendemeer road, and told me to get off from his taxi. I had no choice as i have to rush off to Tan Tock Seng hospital.  
Please see the attached photo of the driver and vehicle, and directional signage. I would like to know what course of action will be taken against him and would definitely recommend for a disciplinary action with retraining for customer service and road directory familiar himself so that he will not continue to be arrogant with hostile behavior and challenge the customer even when he is in the wrong.


We hope that you have already lodged a complaint with LTA through their  online feedback portal? That is the fastest way to get the necessary action to be taken against such ignorant know-it-all drivers who can't follow simple instructions to save their life. Reports such as yours will go a long way towards 'educating' these ruffians and understand what it means to be in the service industry.

Road Bully SHB36U Tanglin Road

On 20/9/2014, Nicole informs the following:
Just one to share with you. I was driving along Tanglin Road beside St Regis Hotel when a black Chrysler taxi (SHB36U I think) suddenly pulled out in front of me without indication. I gently tapped the horn to indicate my presence. He slowed down on the street continuously giving me the finger. We both turned onto Orange Grove Road (he is in front of me) and he slowed down in a passive aggressive way, possibly to encourage me to overtake (and then I guess he would speed up). I didn't and he eventually sped up, driving off very fast. I wish I had my camera on!! It is disappointing that a "luxury" cab would have such bad road manners!
There is no rationale explanation for such aggression other than some psychosis in this driver. Please report him immediately to LTA via their  online feedback portal so that he can be issued with a warning at least. Hopefully more motorists will report his nonsensical behaviour and get him off the road for good.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Abusive Driver Transcab 7816 Pasir Ris

On 16/09/2014, Renu informs the follow:
I hired a cab at Pasir Ris street 11 to Pasir Ris drive 6 to fetch my son from child care and then back to street 11. When taxi dropped my off at street 11 and me and my son got off we accidentally did not close the door fully. At this instance the taxi driver horned loudly several times and came out of the cab and started shouting at us. He even used vulgarities and showed us the Middle finger. As I was with my young son I did not retaliate and was fearful for our safety and quickly walked away. As we walked away his swearing and shouting became louder. I'm highly disturbed by this incident and and going to make a police report against the taxi driver by tonight.
Yes, lodging a police report is the way to go and we applaud you on your courage. When the authorities are lax in removing such elements from contact with the public, legal recourse is the best way forward. Do lodge a complaint to LTA via their online feedback portal as well, please.

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Reckless Driver SHB1308B Woodlands

On 30/07/2014, Alan Ong informs the following:
Generally I do not have prejudice against taxi driver as we all know they are out there to make a living and why make thing difficult for them. For those that risk their own rice bowl and putting others at risk, I would think that it would be better to take them off the road. Kindly help to share this encounter of mine in your blog. Below is an email I have send to the taxi company. 
"This is to bring to your attention that the above mentioned taxi driver of SMRT (SHB 1308B) recklessly turned and cut into my right of way without checking for safety and jamming brake couple of times deliberately almost causing near accident when turning from Woodlands Ave 2 into Ave 5 on 27 July 2014 between 2310hr to 2320hrs. 
His/Her action has endanger other road users as well as any passenger that he/she may be ferrying. I have already feedback this to LTA. I would want to see action taken against this taxi driver for the reckless act that he/she have put others at risk. 

See below link for the video clip captured by my in-car camera. Ignore the date & time as it is not accurate."

Yet another case of inexplicably crazy driving, we are glad that you have decided to pursue this with LTA, only informing the cab company for courtesy. Please keep us informed of the reply from SMRT and the outcome from LTA.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Reckless Driver SHD2609R Queensway Underpass (Repeat Offender)

On 22/07/2014, Anthony Ong informs the following:

Below is a copy of a complaint email i sent to Prime Taxi. But i doubt they will respond. SHD2609R was in one of you blog entry (10 Mar 2013) and i encountered him today. Very reckless driving. 
"I would like to file a report of reckless driving case by PRIME cab SHD 2609R this morning.

Date: 22 Jul 2014, Tues
Time: 11.12 am
Venue: Queensway Underpass @ Commonwealth Ave junction.

This cab driver has recklessly cut into my lane after a short impromptu left signal and has also cut into the right lane recklessly shortly after. Please look into the matter as this driver has caused unnecessarily alarm and potential harm to the two vehicles and the drivers respectively.

I hold a video clip of the reckless act by your cab driver and you can access it via the following link:  http://youtu.be/fLmagSHKt2U 
I reserve the right to submit the video clip to LTA."

We are hardly surprised that this driver has made another appearance on our blog and is testament to why this site is important. Repeat offenders such as this driver should be removed from the roads altogether with immediate effect. We urge you to not bother with the cab company and proceed to lodge a complaint with LTA through their online feedback portal instead.

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Rude Taxi Driver SHD 2209L Anson Road

Ms Dipti informs the following on 17/06/2014:

I generally have a very good experience with taxi drivers with them being friendly, humorous and helpful at times. But yesterday's encounter with one of the taxi driver has made a dent in overall good experience, which I am sharing with you as below. 
Yesterday (16-Jun-2014), I booked taxi from Anson Road to Toh Tuck Road using Grab Taxi app. Immediately taxi was allocated to me with license plate no. SHD 2209L. As soon as I got into the cab I explained to the driver to take AYE and we will be making short detour at Buena Vista to pick my husband from 1 Fusionopolis walk and then from there we head to Toh Tuck Road. The taxi driver replied that while booking for cab, I should have mentioned that I want to go to 2 destinations. I said that I am taking cab every day back home picking my husband on the way, none of the cab drivers mentioned this to me. This I have been doing for almost past 6 months using Grab Taxi app. Moreover the app does not have the option to mention two destinations. But then the driver started talking rudely to me, asked me to get off the cab and take another taxi back home. 
After having accepted my call isn’t the taxi driver bound to follow my instruction and take me to my destination? It is extremely disappointing to see this kind of behavior from taxi driver whose work is to serve. Taxi companies should assess the service quality of these drivers before hiring them for the job.

This is an often recounted experience where the driver is rude without provocation and what can only be described as moody. We have no idea why they do that because as we have repeatedly pointed out, they have made the choice to be a driver.

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Exemplary Driver SH6757X Alexandra Road

Ms Salina informs the following on 24/01/2014:
I would like to take this opportunity to compliment Mr Ng (relief driver) of Comfort cab number SH6757X.
My colleague and I called a cab on 13 January 2014 afternoon and he picked us up at our workplace. Once we reached our destination at AST (Academy of Singapore Teachers), I asked if he could wait for 10 minutes because we need to carry some stuff and then return back to our workplace. 
Overall, he waited almost 25 minutes because being women, we had to manually transport down our stuff (stationery, files etc) a couple of times because firstly the place is huge, secondly there was no lift and so many stairs! (Anyone who has been there would know!) Lucky thing he sms-ed, called, and told me that he was still waiting for us! 
Due to the inaccessibility, Mr Ng asked where he could find us and offered to help us carry down all our heavy materials plue the trolley! In fact, he didn't want us to carry the heavy things because we are women! We carried lighter stuff though. 
While waiting and helping us, we found out that he did not even on the meter! He’s an excellent exemplary, caring and concern cab driver we have ever encountered so far. His selfless act touched our hearts. We should have more nice cab drivers like him who are willing to go the extra mile without expecting anything in return! But of course, we gave him a good amount of tip! 
Thank you Mr Ng!! Hope to ride in your cab again!
Regards, Salina 
p.s: we have also drop this same compliment to LTA online feedback form! :)
Indeed, this is a heartwarming story to share amidst the usual accounts of rude, obnoxious and ridiculous behaviour by drivers. I'm glad that you have taken the effort to publicise this driver's outstanding service and we sincerely hope that other drivers can take a leaf out of Mr Ng's approach to his vocation. Hopefully one day, these are the only stories we hear on this site. Hopefully.

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Trans-Cab Again

Ms Geetika informs the following on 06/01/2014:
"I had lots of bad experience with Trans-cab. Latest one is when we took taxi from Changi Airport last night. We had lots of suitcases and it was difficult for us to keep adjusting the suitcases in the boot of Toyota Wish taxi, but the taxi driver stood beside the taxi watching us instead of helping us. When we stepped into the taxi I realised that he didn't had the ID card displayed in his taxi. While getting down at Jurong East this driver didn't even bothered to get down. He just took his money & left. If the driver could have helped us at the airport, it would have not delayed other passengers who have been standing for long in the queue. We pay 5sgd as airport tax, at least taxi driver should guide us if they don't want to lend a helping hand in handling the suitcase."
You raise a good point on the surcharge - the least the driver could do is give some advice on placing the luggage. Too bad you didn't take note of the licence plate number, otherwise you could lodge a feedback complaint to LTA online. All things considered, it must have been a good fare for him since you travelled from one end of Singapore to another - from the airport, no less. As usual, even the best circumstance for the driver is not enough to get some decent service.

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Transcab Sticks Out Like A Sore Thumb

Truthful Truism informs the following on 18/12/2013:

I have been taking taxis almost daily for the past two years and have had my fair share of bad experience with irate taxi drivers from all taxi companies in Singapore.  
What really prompt me to send this feedback is the repeated bad experience I encountered with Trans-Cab Services. First, the taxis (especially Toyota Crown) are always badly maintained, at times with unhygenic standards. The taxi-drivers' attitude were rude and not customer-focus. Last year I had such a bad experience with one of Trans-Cab driver's attitude that I felt compell to write an official complaint to LTA. An LTA officer handled my case with extreme professionalism and the Trans-Cab driver was found guilty of "Failing to behave in a civil and orderly manner" under Rule 21 (a) of the Road Traffic (Public Service Vehicles) (Vocational Licences and Conduct of Drivers, Conductors and Passengers) Rules. It was further added that Trans-Cab taxis does not really enjoy a good reputation in Singapore in which I can attest to this statement. 
I am always skeptical in boarding the red Trans-Cab taxis but due to the 'scarcity' of taxis especially in peak hours or bad weather and rushing for time I don't have the choice. 
Another extreme unpleasant experience with Trans-Cab taxi was in October'13. I board a red Toyota Crown around 8pm at Raffles Place and due to the driver of not paying attention to the braking, an accident happened at PIE/CTE. Luckily I was not hurt physically but the female driver of the private car was so traumatised that she cried. All thanks to the quick response of LTA Cisco officer, the matter was resolved systematically. However this accident was a real pissed-off to me, it could have been avoid if the driver of this Trans-Cab taxi driver have been more alert and concentrate.  
Just yesterday 17/12/13, left with no choice/alternatives I board a red Toyota Wish (SHD 9361H) at Amara Hotel 100am at 6: 25pm. I was taken aback to see the male driver keep his hair long, so long that he kept on managing his long hair with a hair band when driving! I was praying throughout the journey to have a safe journey. Thankfully nothing bad or pervasive happened. 
In short, I am quite happy with all taxi companies in Singapore with the exception of Trans-Cab taxis. There were several ocassions during early morning thunderstorms, SMRT taxis responded with my iphone bookings within 5 mins. The rest, in this aspects fails miserably.  
Already in the internet there were loads of nasty complaints against Trans-cab but the taxi company of such couldn't care less, much talk about improvement!

We've heard in the past that some cab companies have a lower standard when it comes to allowing hirers to operate their taxis and so those who get removed from other cab companies due to poor attitude end up collectively at the lowest-standard among all the cab companies. We're not sure if Transcab falls under that category but this could explain your observations of these drivers. We are heartened that you continue to pursue bad behaviour and take errant drivers to task - and we encourage all our readers to do so. Remember, it is by standing up against the ruffians that we can restore order.